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HomeGuard Building Products offers a complete solution to protecting the building envelope from the weather’s elements. HomeGuard Housewrap is a micro-perforated, woven weather resistive barrier. HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap  and HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap LP are non-woven, non-perforated, water vapor permeable, air barriers. Both products protect the building envelope from air, wind, rain and moisture. HomeGuard Synthetic Flashing, HomeGuard Flexible Butyl Flashing, HomeGuard RA-Plus Flashing and HomeGuard Seam Tape complete the weather barrier system. Backed by a 15 year warranty and available in several different sizes, HomeGuard products are the right choice for your building project.

HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap

HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap  is a high permeable, non-woven, non-perforated housewrap. Also available is HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap LP, a low permeable solution for warmer climates.  Both products meet Air Barrier criteria, are moisture vapor permeable, UV resistant, and translucent. They are versatile in application as a weather barrier system behind exterior claddings including stucco.  HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap has been tested against the toughest ASTM standards and proves to be as good as or better than name brand commercial strength products.  TITAN Drainage Wrap also meets the strict drainage material specifications set forth in ASTM E-2273-03.

HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap Housewrap Benefits:

  • Certified Drainage Material - Passes Drainage Efficiency Test - ASTM E-2273-03
  • Certified Air Barrier Material - Passes Air Barrier Test - ASTM E-2178
  • Intertek ETL CCRR-1092
  • Water Resistance - Passes AATCC-127
  • Vapor Permeable
  • Translucent
  • Durable
  • 15 year warranty

HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap LP

Now available in a Low Permeable version for warmer climates. HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap LP  has all the strength, air resistance, water resistance, and versatility of HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap HP but it offers a lower water vapor transmission rate than TITAN HP. When tested according to the ASTM E-96A standards the water vapor transmission rate for the TITAN was 60 perms, compared to 15 perms for the TITAN LP.             

HomeGuard Housewrap

HomeGuard Housewrap is a woven, perforated, high-quality polyolefin housewrap. Its micro-perforations allow moisture vapor to pass through yet protects the exterior wall system as a water resistant barrier. As a preventative for air infiltration, HomeGuard housewrap reduces air infiltration, which increases the efficiency of a building’s insulation system and saves on heating and cooling costs. HomeGuard housewrap is durable, able to withstand harsh jobsite conditions and it is UV resistant for up to 6 months.

HomeGuard Housewrap Benefits:

  • Vapor Permeable
  • Water Resistance - Passes ASTM D 779
  • Translucent
  • UV Protected
  • Durable

HomeGuard Synthetic Flashing And Seam Tape

HomeGuard Synthetic Flashing is a high-density polyethylene facer, coated with an extremely aggressive self-sealing synthetic adhesive for use on window heads and jambs. HomeGuard Seam Tape is a hand-tearable facer coated with an acrylic adhesive designed for sealing seams with superior adhesive strength to many competitive products.

15 Year Warranty

When used together and installed according to HomeGuard installation procedures, HomeGuard Housewrap or HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap, HomeGuard Flashings, HomeGuard Flexible Butyl Flashing, MS Polymer Sealant and HomeGuard Seam Tape create an energy efficient secondary weather barrier guaranteed not to fail or HomeGuard will pay the cost of materials and labor to correct the problem. More information.


HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap and HomeGuard Housewrap are available in multiple sizes, custom imprinting, with short lead times, and low minimum order requirements. Contact us today.  

Custom Imprinting Sample

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