HomeGuard Installation


HomeGuard Weather Barrier System includes:

  • HomeGuard Housewrap
  • HomeGuard TITAN Drainage Wrap
  • HomeGuard Synthetic Flashing - "Arctic Flash"
  • HomeGuard Flexible Butyl Flashing
  • HomeGaurd RA-Plus Flashing
  • HomeGuard Seam Tape
  • HomeGuard MS Polymer Sealant

Installation Instructions

Install housewrap over an approved exterior sheathing in "shingle-lap" fashion, with higher courses lapped over lower courses by at least two inches. Vertical seams should have an overlap of at least six inches.

Attach the housewrap so that it is flat and tight. Start with lower course, two to three feet from the corner and continue nailing or stapling as you move around the house. Fasteners must penetrate the stud or nail base material.

Secure the housewrap firmly in place by fastening it every 12" to 18" along the vertical studs using large-headed or plastic cap nails, or 1" crown staples. Use HomeGuard Seam Tape to seal all the seams.


Make an inverted Y cut in the housewrap at the rough opening. Then cut straight across the top and make 45 degree cuts from the corners to create header flap.

Fold the flaps in through the opening at the two sides and the sill, fastening them inside with staples about every six inches.

Temporarily tape the header flap up to expose nail base material. Using HomeGuard Flexible Butyl flashing, install the sill flashing over the housewrap.

Apply a coninuous bead of caulk behind the top and both side window flanges only and install window. DO NOT APPLY CAULK ACROSS SILL FLANGE to allow for drainage.  Install the window per manufacturers' installation instructions. 

Next, install jamb flashing over side window flanges. Next install head flashing over the top window flange and extend beyond the jamb flashing. Remove the temporary tape from the header flap and fold back down over top flange. Next seal header flap with HomeGuard Seam Tape or flashing tape.


Download a printable version of the installation instructions here.


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